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Alecia Davidson

About The Owner

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- ParaMedical Licensed Esthetician

- Licensed Massage Therapist

- Certified Professional Life Coach

- Instructor & Speaker


Alecia's mission is to serve her clients by helping them achieve their wellness goals, connect with their life purpose, and to gain breakthroughs that lead to healing, wholeness and well-being.


She has over 33 years of experience in the esthetic/med-spa and wellness industry working as both a practitioner and as an educator. Her insight, passion and wisdom about wellness help others to live their best life and achieve results. She works with both integrity and sensitivity creating a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Alecia's expertise in mind, body and skin health is unparalleled as a certified/licensed practitioner. Clients have lasting benefits from her extensive skin care knowledge and use of medical-grade products as well as from her multiple massage therapy modalities. Her passion for wellness from the inside out drives every single coaching session. Clients get results and progress forward. She is in private practice as well as an instructor for teaching continuing education courses at Cortiva Institute For Massage Therapy and Skin Care, where she loves to mentor, educate and share her passion with her students.


She has a personal desire to see her clients achieve the highest level of well-being and wholeness not only for the skin and body but in spirit as well. She is trained in inner healing through the Elijah House and has mentored many people through serving voluntarily at church in different capacities. Alecia's own journey of healing and faith has led her to deeply connect with God, who is the ultimate source of life and truth.


Alecia's passion for helping others is what led to furthering her education by becoming trained as a certified professional life coach. As a coach she equips, inspires, motivates, and challenges her clients for their personal growth. Alecia's authentic, caring, kind, compassionate, direct approach helps her clients to grow, thrive, and attain greater freedom.

Background - 

Alecia has worked in the day spa industry for 10 years, then for a Cosmetic Surgeon in a Med-spa for 6 years, and has now maintained a private practice for 17 years. She has trained under several renown Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons as well as having many continuing education courses in a variety of skin and massage therapy modalities. In addition, Alecia has incorporated life coaching, teaching, speaking and mentoring others in her wellness business.


Education -

Alecia received her certificate of esthetics in 1990 and for massage in 1997. She later received an advanced certificate as a ParaMedical Esthetician under James Fulton, MD, PhD with Vivant Pharmaceuticals in 2002. In 2015, Alecia furthered her education by graduating from the Life Purpose Institute, which is accredited with the International Coach Federation, as a Certified Professional Life Coach.


Speaking -

Alecia is also available for speaking engagements in the areas of mind, body and skin health

as well as self-care and overall wellness.

Please message for speaking inquiries.

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