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Massage Therapy + Body Treatments


Massages are offered in the 30-85 minute range, sessions are all very customizable, and pressure is adjustable based on preference including light, medium, firm and deep tissue

Therapeutic Massage -- Utilizes a variety of traditional techniques to meet specific client goals and target areas of concern


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage -- Heated salt stones can help relax sore muscles, improve circulation, lightly exfoliate and remineralize the body; techniques can be light or deep depending on client preferences 

Bamboo Massage -- Heated bamboo sticks are used to massage the body and help to melt tension away; this work can be deep and specific without feeling painful

Hot Stone Massage -- Hot stones utilize the benefits of heat therapy to loosen and relax tight muscles; the stones are used for both placement and for massaging the tissue 

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Massage -- Essential oils are applied to help detoxify and drain; lymphatic massage technique is performed with a soothing, relaxing, and very gentle light touch to encourage lymph flow, calm the nervous system, and deeply relax the mind, body, and spirit -- this is a specialty -- $5 added to below pricing



-- 30 MIN $50

-- 45 MIN $70

-- 60 MIN $90

-- 75 MIN $110

-- 85 MIN $130

Raindrop Therapy Session ** This is a specialty treatment that uses a specific technique for applying and layering several therapeutic grade essential oils to the bottom of your feet and along the spine and back. This is not a massage; it is a unique session which can be a stand alone experience but is often a wonderful add-on to a full body massage. It can be helpful in boosting the immune system and relaxing muscle aches. (Adjustments for essential oil and dilution preferences can be discussed) See Pricing Options Below


** Raindrop oils only layered on feet and back & used in combination with any massage session above $20 add-on

** 30 MIN $60 Abbreviated Raindrop Therapy Session With Raindrop Essential Oils
** 45 MIN $80 Full Raindrop Therapy Session Applied With Raindrop Essential Oils

** 60 MIN $100 Includes 30 MIN Raindrop Therapy Along With 30 MIN Therapeutic Massage

** 85 MIN $135 Includes 30 MIN Raindrop Therapy Along With 55 MIN Therapeutic Massage

** 2 Hr. ** $185 Includes 30 MIN Raindrop Therapy Along With 85 MIN Warm Himalayan Salt Stone/or Bamboo Massage

For all treatments, no shower is needed and privacy is maintained through professional draping

Exfoliating Body Polish -- Skin is dry brushed, then gently scrubbed to exfoliate, remove dead skin, cleanse, and improve texture, followed by a body milk to rehydrate -- 40 MIN $75

Detoxifying Body Wrap -- An herbal cream and oil is applied as a full body mask treatment, then is wrapped in warm linens to process, face and scalp are massaged, skin is rinsed with warm towels, followed by application of a body milk, treatment is used to help detoxify, slim, contour and nourish the body -- 60 MIN $90


Combo -- Exfoliating Body Polish Into Detoxifying Body Wrap -- 90 MIN $160 

Cool Compression Leg Wrap -- Ideal for pregnant women or anyone with swollen legs, also great for athletes -- 30 MIN $60

All Specials and Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice
Please Contact For Rates Not Listed 
Gift Certificates Available

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