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"I have been a client of Alecia's for the past two years, and have experienced all three areas of her expertise. Time spent with Alecia is a true makeover, inside and out! She is attentive, caring, professional, and thorough in all areas, and provides her clients with a peaceful, restful atmosphere throughout their visit. Her coaching sessions are more helpful and effective than any other counseling sessions or prayer ministry I have ever received. She offers not only a caring, listening ear, but sound advise and personalized, targeted 'assignments' which truly help you progress toward your goal. I could not recommend her services highly enough - book an appointment right away!"

Cecilia, Waterbury, Connecticut

"I was introduced to Alecia through a friend who knew I was going through the lowest point in my life. 'This is exactly what you need right now,' my friend said. 'Alecia has a special gift'. She was right! Alecia and Wellness Life Bursts came to my aid. Since we are a couple thousand miles apart, we utilized FaceTime for our coaching sessions. I was skeptical that we would develop the tight connection needed to do the heavy lifting work required, however her incredible insight, beautiful spirit and love for her work, came through on every meeting. When we finally met in person, it felt like a reunion with a good friend. I am in a much healthier place due to our work together. Thank you, Alecia, for using your gifts to help me to a better place!"

Faith, Bozeman, Montana

"I contacted Alecia in search of life/wellness coaching sessions. All sessions I had with her were over the phone. Originally I was wondering how well that would work but after the first session already I was amazed at how well she seemed to absorb what I had said and how well she applied her wisdom and knowledge to help me grow and work through struggles I felt were insurmountable at the time. Her listening skills, combined with her genuine concern and desire to help, paired with her ability to truly connect with her client at a deep level was a recipe for success in my case! I would highly recommend over the phone coaching with Alecia! She truly has a very special gift to offer her clients with an innate ability to offer a loving pathway to self discovery and growth accompanied and guided by prayer. My experience with her has been very powerful and truly amazing. It feels like the Lord is so much right there in the session. It blows my mind how well Alecia was able to articulate some of the things I had told her and how powerful the prayer sessions were in being incorporated to the coaching."

Ava, Helena, Montana

"I've known Alecia for many years and have received skincare and massage services (both fabulous!) from her. Several months ago, I sought her out for life coaching as well. Let me tell someone who has been in and out of therapy since young adulthood, the breakthroughs I was able to achieve in just a short while with Alecia were astounding! What's great about Alecia's life coaching approach, is that it's flexible and holistic - completely customized to your needs and goals. For me, personally, I wanted to incorporate some spiritual growth into my sessions, because that was one of the core elements out of balance in my life. I always completely trusted Alecia and never left her office without one or two significant realizations. Alecia gently challenges you to do the work, both inside and outside of the coaching session, but it never felt unattainable for me and my busy life. To sum it all up, Alecia is incredibly insightful, warm and loving individual, whose many gifts are a blessing to all who know her."

Rebecca, Farmington, Connecticut

"My husband and I can't recommend Alecia highly enough. From the moment she greets you at the door until you leave, she is warm and inviting. Her services are top notch. She is very knowledgeable on the latest treatments and explains each one that she recommends for your specific needs. We have been coming for 5 years and we recommend her very highly. We have had services done in many locations and hers is by far the best. You will not be disappointed."

Walt & Vicki, Westport, Connecticut

"I have been going to professional skincare practitioners for 20 years and Alecia is by far the best. My face always glows after our sessions together."

Pam, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My girlfriend bought me a facial at Wellness Bursts for my birthday, and while I never thought that I would need a facial, it turns out that I did because there was a staggering difference in my face. I am a believer in Alecia's process. I will be back."

Robert, Milford, Connecticut

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